Meat Dishes

Bluejay Meat Dishes

Curry Goat  S £9.00– L £10.00

Tender pieces of Goat Mutton marinated in Caribbean spices

(NB- cooked and served on the bone)


Peppered Steak  S£9.00 – L£10.00

Slow cooked beef with scotch bonnet, sweet peppers and carrots and herbs


Oxtail Stew – S£9.00 – L£10.00

Slow cooked oxtail with butter beans & mixed vegetables


Stew Chicken - S£8.00 – L£9.00

Slow cooked chicken  in a rich sauce with carrots and herbs


Fried Chicken - S£8.00 – L£9.00

Fried chicken cooked with herbs and spices. 

Jerk Chicken with Avocado Salad – £7.00

Well seasoned jerk chicken strips served with avocado and mixed salad

Jacket potatoes - £5.00 (£1.00 per filling)

Served with your choice of fillings (salad, meat, beans or coleslaw)

Jerk Chicken – S£8.00 – L£9.00

Chicken marinated in jerk seasoning and oven cooked,

a hot and spicy traditional Jamaican dish


Jerk Chicken Pasta – £6.00

Tender pieces of jerk chicken, mixed with a pasta topped with cheese

 Jerk Chicken & Avocado Salad - £7.00


Jerk portion S£5.00 L£7.00

chicken served with jerk sauce 




 Festival - £1.50

Made with flour, mixed spice and sugar


Fried Dumpling - £1.50

Made with flour, salt and cornmeal


 Ackee & Saltfish in Fried Dumpling - £6.00

Made with flour, mixed spice and sugar 


Fried Fritters - £2.00

Saltfish, Banana or Vegetable 


Fried Ripe Plantain Portion – £2.00

Lightly fried in vegetable oil


Bluejay Coleslaw – £1.00

Shredded cabbage, carrot and onion


Macaroni Cheese Slice - £2.00

 macaroni with melted cheese, milk , butter and flour


Jerk Chicken Wings - £2.50 portion

 jerk chicken served with BBQ jerk sauce (4 pieces)

Assorted Patties - £2.00

Beef, chicken, Lamb, Cheesy Beef, Fish, Vegetable

Rice and Peas Portion - S£3.50 -£6.50 XL £7.50

Plain Rice Portion - S£3.50 -£6.50 XL £7.50

Hard Food Portion - £1.50 per item

(yam, banana, plantain, dumpling)


Jerk Chicken Wings Portion - £2.50 

Callalo Portion -  from £2.00 

Cabbage Portion - from £2.00

Steam Veg Portion - from £2.00

Ackee and Salt fish Portion - from £5.00 


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