Bluejay Cafe’ owners  Dave  and Joy Blake, since opening their Cafe'  it became very popular within the local community and beyond and has been serving up top quality food ever since. Bluejay is a family run Cafe' with a homely atmosphere. 


Head Chef Dave Blake blends an infusion of English and Caribbean flavours at Bluejay Cafe', which has made Bluejay Cafe' very popular. With his vast culinary experience, his expertise lies in creating unusual, unique and quality dishes.  Chef Dave experience ranges from working in various restaurants in Jamaica and England. Often taking on apprentices, Chef Dave is keen to share his expertise with other keen and up coming chefs. 

Joy loves the whole experience of being a part of this busy and wonderful creation and enjoys experimenting and cooking up different blends in the kitchen.  Joy enjoys her role as organiser, managing and ensuring everything flows smoothly within the Cafe' and ensuring customers are happy.  

Dave and Joy said: "It's been phenomenal. The beauty of it, we don't just get our regulars from the local community, we've got regulars who come to us from all over London, Birmingham, Brighton, other places and overseas - it's magic. It's great when our customers all come back, just like rekindling old friendships."


Dave and Joy are a strong team and are extremely proud of their Jamaican heritage, which fuelled their passion to open Bluejay Cafe'.